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  • How do I buy a painting?
    Use Contact tab above to send me a purchase request. Please specify your Name, address and painting name. I will send you a final quote with shipping charges and an estimate for the shipping time.
  • Are these paintings ready to hang?
    All of my acrylic paintings are on streched canvas which are ready to hang. For water color and ink paintings need to be framed.
  • How is the painting protected while shipping?
    1.The painting is covered with a plastic film 2. A bubble wrap sheet is wrapped around it 3. It is send in a FRAGILE labelled cardboard box 4. It also contains a personal note from me.
  • How do I find price of the painting?
    Open the painting you are interested in and you will find the price at the bottom.
  • What is the shipping process if I buy a painting?
    I usually ship the painting within 3-5 days (unless I am travelling). Shipping charges are extra.
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