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Shikha Rattan

Shikha Rattan

Shikha grew up in a small quiet suburb in the foothills of Himalayas. She majored in Electronics engineering in college and started her career as an R&D engineer. But her love for painting drew her out of her job, to start an apprenticeship with a local artist. There she learned different styles of painting and participated in local exhibitions. Recently she moved to San Francisco, to expand her art skills.


Her art draws inspiration from various natural elements and interactions between them. Her art teleports you to a magical world filled with calm and serenity and yet, full of life, colors and sound. You can almost hear the sun rising or the trees rustling in her works. Shikha loves to paint water, flowers and trees. She beautifully conveys her wonderment of these beautiful moments through her paintings.


Her paintings though connected by the theme of natural beauty vary a lot in style. While some aspects of the paintings focus on fine details of the scene, at other parts she uses creative texture and colors to create a magical effect. Sometimes she would create colorful abstracts and sometimes she uses black ink to depict beautiful surrealistic stories inside the figures from Hindu mythology.

You can mail her at to buy or inquire about commissions & paintings.

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